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Cube Tipping

Cow tipping is considered an urban legend and you shouldn’t push any animals over anyways. Even inanimate things to safely push over aren’t always easy to find.

But Cube Tipping has you covered. You can push over cubes all day long. Nobody will judge you.

Cubes have numbers from 1 to 10. New cubes start with numbers below 5.

Tipping one cube over is possible if it touches another cube with a smaller number. It then consumes the lower value cube and adds the number to its own. A new cube appears at the empty position.

Adding cube values overflows when it surpasses 10. A cube with value 8 consuming a cube with value 4 overflows the maximum value 10 by 2. The new value will be 2 and you get 2 points to your score.

If at least 3 cubes in a row (horizontal or vertical) have the same value they vanish and you receive their values as points to your score. New cubes appear at the empty positions.

You start with 12 available moves. Every time rows get removed you get additional moves. But at least 1. The more cubes get removed, the more additional moves you receive. The upper limit for available moves is at 24.


The app stores scores and time locally. It doesn't forward any data.

Do you have any suggestions or problems? Feel free to use the feedback form for Cube Tipping!