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Robots 1984+

Robots 1984+ is a variation of the game Chase from the 1970s. Gameplay is inspired by the unix-based game robots, written in 1984.

Evil robots are after you.

They are more evil than smart. While focusing only on hunting you down, they forget about the other robots. Which is fortunate because you don’t have any weapons to defend yourself. Your only chance is to let the robots run into each other and destroy themselves.

The teleport button T let’s you escape from tight situations. Or just find a better position to outwit the robots. Your destination is random and all robots move one step to your last known position. Be careful! You could land on a field that is in the way of a robot!

Be humble and don’t hold your head up too high.


  • Remembers your high score. This is the best score you achieved and has nothing to do with your habits.
  • Small change on eye animation. Robots are eyeing you up slightly more menacing.
  • You should hear the switch when you are turning the sound on again. Doesn’t matter if you are in a forest or not. Unless you turned off your device’s sound.
  • Tells you where to find the menu with “How to play” and “Settings” when you haven’t played for over 14 days. Please don’t let this happen.
  • “New Game” asks you if you want to abort the current game. Less tears.
  • Not missing any “x robots to go” message when you move during a message and they stumble over themselves again.
  • You sneaky robophobes found a cheat! Removed for more fairness.


The app stores no data. It doesn't forward any data.

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