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Easy UI Color Picker

Unity Asset for selecting a color from a subset of colors.

Easy UI Color Picker has a very simple API. Only one or two methods out of Show, Close, and Setup are needed. Set a callback in the inspector or by code. That’s it.

Includes documentation and example scenes.

See more screenshots and videos in the Unity Asset Store.

User Guide (PDF)

WebGL Demo

Forum thread (Unity)


  • Documentation comments for API code.
  • Boolean interactable to disable the color selector.
  • Example 03-Three-Objects-Three-Colors-Always-Visible now disables all other color selectors when you select a base color in one of them. Enables them again when you select the color.


  • Namespace for examples changed from EasyUIColorPicker.Examples to Examples_EasyUIColorPicker. The examples now have “using EasyUIColorPicker;” and are easier to understand for new users to C#.
  • Property baseColor to access the base color as soon as it is selected.
  • Callback OnBaseColorSelect gets called when a base color gets selected.

Do you have any suggestions or problems? Feel free to use the feedback form for Easy UI Color Picker!